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The University of Newcastle’s Law and Business Faculty is being relocated into the centre of the Newcastle CBD (NeW Space). Although initially for the delivery of business and law programs will be a resource for the entire University community across different disciplinary and knowledge fields and will cater for up to 4000 students and associated staff. The challenge for the University was to be able to design an environmentally sustainable building and justify the supply of parking well below the parking demand of Newcastle City Council’s DCP. We were engaged to provide a detailed assessment of the transport requirements for the future campus and to ensure that it sat within the planning requirements of the Revitalisation of Newcastle which had a goal to create an active, walkable city whilst meeting the approval requirements as a state significant development. A detailed analysis of the existing Law and Business cohort provided valuable insight into the residential patterns anticipated for the new campus site and in conjunction with the governments planning instruments the study demonstrated that future students will be perfectly positioned to live, study, work and play within the City and utilise active transport options to access NeW Space.